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Founder & Owner


Rakel Salazar is a singer, songwriter, producer and dancer.

Rakel is an internationally active artist but also realised that working with music goes beyond performing and making records, and that there is a vast variety of possibilities to engage with people through artistic expression.

Her music and “audiovisual production” knowledge, led her to create


From performing, making music videos, composing to creating a sonic vision for her customers, Rakel together with her team enjoy delivering creativity and quality services.


Co-founder & Owner


Philip Czarnecki is a musician, composer and producer.

Philip has performed as a bandleader and sideman in various projects around Europe, India and South Africa. He got prizes for his compositions and arrangements and is known for his versatility on the guitar, which also makes him an in-demand studio musician and producer. 

Philip sees music as a universal language that connects all people, cultures and all souls and therefore is a perfect member of WE CREATE SOUND.

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